Lagos Corper : Welcome Party 

I was slowly beginning to get a hang of camp. It wasn’t so bad after all. My routine was to wake up when the beagle was blown, then start dressing up, go to the parade ground and stand at the back. I was also getting familiar with my platoon members. 

Some girls in the room beside ours decided to lock the toilet and bathroom door that we shared. My able room-head, Dayo, went to ask for a copy of the padlock. They told her she couldn’t get one because the toilet and bathroom was allocated to their room. Hilarious! 

Their reason – Room 36 was announced on parade ground the day before because the place was dirty and no other room joined them. 

Other rooms defense – how were we supposed to know what you were being called for? If you were getting free money, would you have allowed us to join? 

Dayo called their bluff and reported them to a camp official who sounded a good note of warning and they unlocked the padlock with their tail between their legs. 

On parade ground, platoons had begun to coordinate assembly. Whatever person was representing the platoon-on-duty had turned the worship session into The Voice Nigeria auditions. The guys in my platoon started raising their own songs and other platoons joined. It was fun, until some soldiers came to harass them. 

It was announced that we would be having our Welcome Party later that night and TuFace and Davido were going to be special guests. This got us excited and expectant. 

Other activities went on as usual, until it was time for the anticipated party. Most corpers were present, the others were in Mammy. After standing on chairs and still not being able to see anything that was happening, my friend, Bukky and I lost each other while looking for a good spot. We must have missed most of the party, but we saw the dancing competition where the contestants all gyrated the same way and the winner was basically the person who could coordinate shoki and twerking the most. 

Leadway Pension was the sponsor of the party and a representative came to speak to us about their services and the best part, they were providing free WiFi services in designated areas of the camp. I never enjoyed the WiFi but it was quite annoying that it worked best on the parade ground. 

Neither TuFace nor Davido made an appearance. That was the first of many lies on camp. Corpers entertained themselves with dance and comedy. It was a good social night eventually. 

By 10:30pm, the party had to end at the sound of the beagle. 

Lights out. 
Tip: Chairs are quite important in camp, at least in my camp they were. Endeavor to get to programs early so you can get a good seat or you might find yourself standing for hours and very tired. 


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  1. debby000 says:

    I appreciate all the tips and details in this series.

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