My Smile

There’s a hollow beat from my heart
A silent roar in my chest
I know you can’t hear me
But I’m certain you think about me
You do, even when you try not to
You try your hardest to forget
But then, every time you close your eyes
You see an image of me
Smiling back at you
Cause I’m not hurt
I’m not sad
I said I was gonna rise above all these
And I’m proud to say I did
I just wonder what happens to you now
I’m not just a figment of your imagination
I’m your past, your present and maybe your future
Every other girl will be measured by my standard
And trust me, you’ll never find another like me
You dunno what was stirred up in the mixing pot to make me
Maybe if you had taken time to discover
If you had been less aggressive
If you had peeled each layer of me slowly
The onion wouldn’t have hurt your eyes
You chose the part you thought was best for you
And our path that looked like an “I” has become a “Y”
Whoever said two people were inseparable ?
You’re fine, I’m fine
At least we act like we are
You scowl, I smile
You frown, I wink
Hey, cheer up!
Doesn’t matter what we are to each other
Just know that whatever you do in life
There’s someone here cheering you on


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Nimi says:

    In ur mind now u hv formed wat?? Nice write-up tho, iLike! Bet u kno iz noh gud to be prouding sha….

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