I wonder if things will ever be the same again between us
All it took was four days to tear apart what we had
In our own worlds with silence separating us
I wish you didn’t let it get that far
‘Cause now, it feels awkward
And I fear if we’ll be able to laugh deeply like before
Or share stuff like we used to
Relationships have their ups and downs
But I never want to go to bed again with you mad at me
Cause the days after are almost unbearable
We’re back now but the wedge is deep in my chest
I still like you a lot
In fact, I guess I didn’t know until when I felt the tears in my eyes
But will that be enough?
I really hope it is
I do, cause now I am more scared than ever
Will this thing work?
I guess we’ll never know if we are too scared to try
Like they always say,
“What doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger”


4 Comments Add yours

  1. MafabaAlaso says:

    wow! I sure can relate to this. This is DEEP!!! *sighs*

  2. Ademola Odebode says:

    u will be fine…i know that for sure…

  3. Effie says:

    Haha,,, myy comment was going to be “i can soo relate to this”… fancy seeing someone already write that.
    I commend ur work Rols! Bless you and your talent x

  4. Al' says:

    wow this is real deep, totally on point for me…. you’ll be fine, “…what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. totally true.

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